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We offer the best online Islamic courses for all Muslim families all over the world. Our Academy is also the best option for you to learn Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies online in the comfort of your own home. 

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Islam Core Academy offers  amazing online Islamic courses, designed to teach them basic Islamic Knowledge and Muslim beliefs, to learn the true and beautiful teachings of Islam.


We provide you with whatever Experince you need in our courses ,to raech the level to which you aspire .


We always strive to give you the best Islamic educational service ,with our choice of the best content and the best teachers.


ِAt the end of course , you can get a certificate in the level of education that you passed through one of our courses.

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Our Academy is also the best option for you to learn Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies online in the comfort of your own home. 

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Student autonomy, taking responsibility for one's own learning, negotiation of content .

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Manage your time, whether you need to hurry or need to take it slowly according to your circumstances.

All Levels

We respect differences in levels between students. We have teachers that can handle all levels.


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“ MashaAllah they are doing an amazing job. The teachers are very polite, patient and very good. The classes have helped me immensely to improve my recitation and tajweed. My son is doing his memorisation and it has benefitted him alot. I would definitely recommend Ijazah to anyone with any ability. May Allah reward them for their great work. Ameen. ”
“Islam Core is such a wonderful experience to learn the Quran and Arabic. They are so accommodating and always listening to your concerns and willing to go above and beyond to satisfy you. Most importantly they make you feel like family. For the teachers they are just wonderful. May Allah reward them with highest degree of Jannah for everything they are teaching me and their students. May Allah reward the teachers and all the admins. ”
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“I love Islam Core so much and all the teachers. I don’t even know how to express how grateful I am for my journey with Ijaazah not only did they help with learning Quran and Arabic but to also improve myself as a Muslim. Words are not enough nor money but I l’ai pray that Allah reward you for all the good. I pray that Allah grant you firdaws. May Allah accept all the goodness from you .”
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“My teacher is very good she is helpful teacher I really enjoyed her class and her explanation is excellent.”

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